Created for the Global Game Jam 2020 -

The game is best experienced using a gamepad! You can also download the Windows version sent to the GGJ20 below.

Left player: move with left thumbstick/WASD, do actions with left trigger/shift;

Right player: move with right thumbstick/arrow keys, do actions with right trigger/shift.

Press action repeately on the central lever to move, and hold action to fix the wheel when they break!

Tired of watching the sunset over their scrapyard, the Wilsons decide for one last adventure. They would put their life on wheels and journey east, towards the sea, sunrise and new beginnings. Play as both characters at the same time and keep pumping the central lever to reach your new destination, and repair the wheels as soon as they get damaged! If you can manage to reach distance 50 with at least one wheel intact, you'll reach your destination.


Bruno Santos Araújo

Ricardo Manjaro

Music and Ambience by Estudio Cafofo
Character Assets by


Download 28 MB