Tiny Terror

by Pxl Squad

A tiny Necromancer looks for a place to rest in peace, but.... 

"You're not welcome here", they said.
"Go to the Valley of Death", they said.
"Nobody goes there", they said...

So, I went to the Valley of Death.
But they don't leave me alone!
And now they'll know the true Terror!


Directional - Control the Necromancer

Z - Dead Rise

X - Attack


Rafael Lima

Bruno Araujo

Edson Correa

Sound - wingless-seraph.net

Comment your highscore! :D


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Could make Gameboy rom I can run in through emulator 😀

Great work!


Nice idea and sweet music. Could be real fun but the camera is a bit "behind" instead of getting in the front so you easily run into enemies unless moving slowly.

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Thanks for playing and for the feedback! We are going to submit more updates, and enemies AI is some of them.